through the keyhole

the storm upon us
gave no warning
there was barely time to close the windows
and lock the doors

the dark clouds obliterated the sun
it was as though night had fallen early
though the day was not half over

we gathered and huddled close
trying to ignore the howling winds
and torrential rains
a long day and night of it

we became so accustomed to the roar
and chaos and fear
that when the skies began to clear
and the stars came out
we were loathe to open a window or door

we did not trust it
it seemed safer
to remain locked inside
where the storm’s tentacles could not reach

we stayed tucked away there
thinking only of what we had before
the storm
and having no energy to move into tomorrow
or to gaze at the light of the stars

we soon forgot the scent of the flowers
and the color of the hummingbirds’ wings–
of the buzzing bees gathering their sweet nectar
and the song of the frogs at dusk
we had no recollection

we were numb to all but the worry and the dark

until through the keyhole
came whipping a little breeze
its tiny whistle a melody to lift the spirits
of all tucked away in sadness

refreshing, tickling our faces, whispering in our ears,
blowing through an air
of hope
and love
and memories of the joy from before

that promised to come again
if only we would open the door
and let the light back in


Photo by Lee Morley via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/spookman01/
Photo by Lee Morley via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/spookman01/

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