like the first flower of spring–a sign of new life…..for all of us


A new baby came into the world
Did you know?
Did the feel the shift in the universe
as those around made room in their hearts
just for him?
and soon the memory of their lives before him

will grow distant and hazy
His Mama worked so hard
laboring for hours
and days and weeks and months
and eating right
and dreaming of this new life
as a new person herself–
As Mama
His grandmother worried
it’s what parents do best
praying for wisdom and guidance
and health and love
And all those worries
floated away at 11:35 p.m.

when she first saw his precious face
and new ones took their place

it’s a part of this loving another

This new life
brings Hope
and a chance for redemption
To this weary world
Just as the first flowers of spring do after the dark, cold winter
He makes us think of new possibilities
for him and for the world
and reminds us of those we have ourselves
This new life has made a crack in the hardness in all of us
and the light is shining through
A new baby was born
Did you know?
They say this happens four times every second on this planet


Our world is filled with so many chances for joy
if only we pay attention with our eyes and ears and heart
Oh little one, bless this day that you bring your special and one of a kind love to this world
You are already changing this place for the better

for that my soul leaps with happiness and laughter bubbles up from within
Go forth in peace to love and serve the world
one day
But for now rest, little one,
and let us comfort you and guide you and love you

and hold your little hand
There’ll be time for all that other later
For now you make it better with your sweet sighs and precious eyes

and smiles that come suddenly

like a sweet gift

and lift us up
Blessed be the little ones

And the ones who love them


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