Watching and Waiting

My little guy Cooter has been under the weather for a few days.  He started off complaining of a sore throat and then the sniffles hit.  It all came to a head (his head) yesterday with coughing and sneezing that had us all running to get out of the spray zone.


He is a little more willing to cuddle when he’s like this.  While this cold hasn’t knocked him out completely (thankful for that), he has wanted to sit right next to me as he worked on his math or read his book.  He and Miss Sophie have gotten quite territorial over who gets to sit curled up on my right side.  It’s been downright comical at times.

Yesterday evening the Fella was a little later getting home from work.  I was scrambling to get Miss Sophie’s evening constitutional walk in before someone had to take our Princess to swim practice.  It was cold, and my goal was that Cooter not have to get out in the weather or be left alone inside while I took Miss Sophie out.

So I quickly took our canine companion down the street while the Fella gathered up what he needed to head out the door a few minutes later.  And while I was walking her, he took this picture.


Besides the boy himself, this is one of my most favorite things the Fella has given me.

This picture.

Oh those bare toes and the mismatched pajamas and the shirt on backwards and the toting of Wicket the Ewok everywhere he goes–that’s enough to love it with my whole heart right there.  This is Cooter’s childhood in one photograph.

And I love him so.

But what really fills my heart to bustin’ is what he’s doing.

Peering out from behind the curtain.  Watching.  Waiting.  On Me.

As my oldest would say: all the feels, y’all.

That precious little guy.  This little person who changed my world forever when he came into being–he was waiting on me.

I’m so not worthy.

Yesterday parts of our country saw some very harsh weather.  Hugh Hollowell, the Director of Love Wins Ministries in North Carolina, wrote yesterday morning that he was walking in the snow from his house to open up the Hospitality House at Love Wins.  He posted pictures, and this Georgia girl was impressed.  Snow like that here and we’d be battening down the hatches and going nowhere.  (Well, we’re doing that anyway based on temperatures alone, but still, SNOW.  It’s been a while, and I’m not a big fan.)

A  little while later he shared that he had been there twenty minutes and had already gotten a couple of phone calls.

Folks wanting to know if they were open.  All day.


“Thank God.”

Hugh had folks waiting for him.  Watching for him.  Depending on him and his folks to be there.

To provide friendship, comfort, warmth, shelter, and food–for the body and soul.  And he didn’t want to let them down.

I wonder if he feels worthy.

(I happen to think he is, just for the record.)

The thing that touched my heart last night as I went in and covered up my sleeping, sniffly boy was how humbling it is to be the one he was waiting on.  And not just waiting, but actively watching and waiting for.  Seeking.

I want to be worthy of that.  I want to be the one he and his siblings can depend on like Hugh’s friends can depend on him.  I don’t want to get caught up in the world and its expectations and busy-ness and not be there when one of them is looking for me.  I don’t want to let any of them down.

I am honored to be the one.

For now.

I know it might not always be so.  Eventually they will head out on their own paths and have other people to whom they might turn first.  And that’s okay (I guess, thankful I have time to get adjusted to that thought), but for now, I’m working really hard to be worthy of those eyes and those toes and the mismatched pajamas–worthy of that heart looking to me to help guide the way.

Tonight I’m thankful for cuddles and for noses that are much better today.  I am thankful there are people like Hugh who are there for those in need who are waiting and watching, so that right now I can be that person for my children at home.  One day I want to be like him–helping where I can–but for now, this is where I belong.  Coming home.  To the ones who are waiting.

Love to all.


To support Hugh Hollowell and his staff helping those in need, please visit their website and find out what they need most this time of year.  Click here to check it out.  

like the first flower of spring–a sign of new life…..for all of us


A new baby came into the world
Did you know?
Did the feel the shift in the universe
as those around made room in their hearts
just for him?
and soon the memory of their lives before him

will grow distant and hazy
His Mama worked so hard
laboring for hours
and days and weeks and months
and eating right
and dreaming of this new life
as a new person herself–
As Mama
His grandmother worried
it’s what parents do best
praying for wisdom and guidance
and health and love
And all those worries
floated away at 11:35 p.m.

when she first saw his precious face
and new ones took their place

it’s a part of this loving another

This new life
brings Hope
and a chance for redemption
To this weary world
Just as the first flowers of spring do after the dark, cold winter
He makes us think of new possibilities
for him and for the world
and reminds us of those we have ourselves
This new life has made a crack in the hardness in all of us
and the light is shining through
A new baby was born
Did you know?
They say this happens four times every second on this planet


Our world is filled with so many chances for joy
if only we pay attention with our eyes and ears and heart
Oh little one, bless this day that you bring your special and one of a kind love to this world
You are already changing this place for the better

for that my soul leaps with happiness and laughter bubbles up from within
Go forth in peace to love and serve the world
one day
But for now rest, little one,
and let us comfort you and guide you and love you

and hold your little hand
There’ll be time for all that other later
For now you make it better with your sweet sighs and precious eyes

and smiles that come suddenly

like a sweet gift

and lift us up
Blessed be the little ones

And the ones who love them


the gift of cuddles

This post is brought to you by my sick children.

Whatever respiratory thing that has gotten hold of so many of our family and friends is putting a working on us.  Two down.  Three holding their own.  So far.

So tonight will be short and sweet.  (You’re welcome, Bubba.)

Mostly because our Princess asked me to cuddle with her.




This nine-year old has grown up so much in the past year–she’s become so much more independent.  She has friends who knock on our door, wanting to play, and she heads out with them for hours some days.  Yesterday she and her friends and brother had a great time, in intervals shortened by a Mama worried about them getting too cold, playing with the sled and throwing snowballs and sliding down an ice-covered slide.  (I shiver just thinking about it, but Cooter says it was the BEST SLIDE EVER.)

And yet today, when she started feeling poorly, all she wanted was to cuddle with her Mama.  Done.  I’m in.

And my big girl, whose fun times with friends in the snow at Wesleyan Tuesday night (they got a lot more snow than we did) and again yesterday brought me great joy, called and wanted to come home.  If only for tonight.  She doesn’t feel good, and she too wants her Mama.  Or her bed.  But I’m going with Mama.  It’s my prerogative.  (And I am hoping that their playing in the snow and being sick is only a coincidence.  *sigh*)

I’m not happy my babies are sick.  But I am thankful that my babies, no matter their ages, still want their Mama.  And so tonight I sign off to go love on them and cuddle, and I wish each one of you the gift of someone to comfort you and the precious gift of being wanted and needed.

Love to all.