Grab Ahold Every Chance You Get

This morning when I first went outside, I had prepared myself to see the moth from yesterday in the grass, gone.  But I didn’t.  I tried to believe that maybe, just maybe, she had only been “frolicking” yesterday, as she hovered close to the grass and danced only a few inches before landing once again.

But it was not to be.  A couple of hours later, as the littles and I headed out to run an errand, our Princess saw her just a few feet over in our neighbor’s yard.

She had not made it.

Sometimes my script writing is not so good at really predicting what might happen.

Still my sweet child tried to touch the moth.  I asked her what she was doing and she said sadly, “Just in case she’s still alive…..”

The moth was still on my mind as I took Miss Sophie out for her evening constitutional.  As soon as we walked out the door, I could hear music–loud and happy–from the next street over.  When the song ended, I heard a DJ, a real live, honest to goodness DJ speaking before he played the next song.  The music lent a festive air on this cloudy, cool evening, and for a moment I stopped and hummed along.  Some of my neighbors were out sitting on their front porch.  We visited for a moment, wondering what the celebration was and if they’d mind us joining them.

While I waited for Miss Sophie to do all her sniffs and whatnots, I texted my friend who lives on that street, asking her if the party was hers and teasingly asked why I hadn’t been invited.

It was later tonight that she wrote back, saying that no, it was two doors down from her.  A wedding celebration.  This young Mama, who had just tucked her son into bed, surprised me.  She wasn’t frustrated or worried that her son wouldn’t be able to sleep.  Instead she said she was enjoying the sounds of people celebrating.

You know what?  So was I.

For on this day that started out with the reminder of how short life is for all the little things and us too, it ended with the sound of laughter and music and joyful voices.  Life is too short not to celebrate all the moments, big and small.

I think it can best be summed up in the words of my friend whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person, Mr. John Paul Schulz, who shares his wit and wisdom daily over at Quotes and Notes Daily.  He commented on the story I wrote yesterday about the sweet dying moth.  He closed, after describing the life cycle of this buckeye moth, with:

“This completes the circle. This is nature, and
everything is going to be all right.”

And so it does.  This day, beginning with sadness and endings, ended with joy and beginnings.  There is such a raw beauty in that–the fulness of life experienced all in one day–that I feel a little raw myself.  A bit melancholy even.

That’s when I reread my friend’s trademark words.  He doesn’t say them for the sake of saying them.  He has lived his own stories–hard and joyful–and he believes them.

“Everything is going to be all right.”  

I don’t know if Mr. Schulz will ever know just how much I needed to hear those words tonight.  For his spirit, his encouragement, his joy and love of life, and his words, I give thanks.  I don’t know how to properly thank him, but if you have a moment to go over and visit him and read a page or two, please tell him I sent you and thank him for me, would you?

I’m also thankful for my neighborfriend who reminded me that we can choose our attitude in the face of the unexpected.  I’m glad she reminded me to choose joy.

Whenever we can, let’s choose joy.  There’s going to be enough of the sad and broken stuff to come along, and that can’t be helped.  It’s the circle of life.  But let’s not forget that joy is an important part of that circle and grab ahold to it every chance we get.

Love and joy to all.

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