’tis the season

‘Twas the day after Christmas

and all through the house

the noses were sneezing

and coughs were leaving the mouths.


The flu had visited

and been gone for a few

but this, these symptoms

were something entirely new.


No fever, so the question was asked,

“Are we really even sick?”

But then as we all thought,

in unison said, “We feel just so ick.”


The tissues were placed

by each bed and chair

in the hopes to limit germs

that threatened to travel here and there.


Spraying the house with cleansing things

and of course handwashing galore

It was hoped that this “bug” wouldn’t live

to bring us down one day more.


In the meantime we rested and did what we could,

even though things this Christmas didn’t go as they should.

As I wandered through and wished all a good night,

I said to myself as I turned off the lights,

“Tis the season

to be sneezin’!

Merry 2nd day of Christmas and

to all a day that is pleasin’!”

“oh tissue box, oh tissue box, how lovely is your comfort…..”


Love to all.  Fingers crossed all are on the mend–in your house and ours!





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