Giving Thanks for Echoed Fears

Today when I was driving, making time to get things done, checking things off my list, I heard an old song by Pam Tillis–“Land of the Living,” written by Tia Sillers and Wayland Patton.  I have her Greatest Hits CD, and this was one of my favorites on that CD back when I was transitioning from my previous life into the new one I could barely fathom.

A line from the song today struck a chord with me, a different one from the many that did back then.  It was–


One of the things taught about good listening is focus so you can repeat the problem or concern back to the person who just shared it.  If you can rephrase it, the person you are listening to knows he or she is being heard.

I think this lyric has a double meaning.  First, we all need to know we aren’t alone–that someone else struggles along the same path we are on.  They get it.  Second, when someone “echoes” our anxieties, worries, fears back to us, we know we are heard.  And maybe even understood.  Someone cares enough to really hear what our heart is trying to say.

Tonight I am thankful for the one who heard my fears today and echoed them and even had me laughing over them before it was over with.  That’s good stuff for sure, and I’m glad I can call her mine.

When I see someone who seems sad and struggling, I worry if they are alone in this world–if they have someone to listen and to help them over the bumps in the road.  Or to splash through the puddles with.  And laugh out loud.

As I give thanks, maybe I also feel challenged to be that someone for another.

As Mama used to say, “Pay it forward.” By, well, being the feather.  #bethefeather

Wishing you all someone to echo your fears, someone to listen–because your story matters too.  Love to all.


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