Tonight I had the honor and privilege of sharing stories and leading our time at our Evening Prayer service.  It was a beautiful evening of folks sharing their thoughts and hearts, and I am grateful for each one there.  We talked about success, both the world’s view and what we believe it looks like.  From there, the conversation shifted gears, and we talked about what we want most in life.  And then what it looks like to comfort and love as the Rabbi did.  As we are fairly certain that is what we need to do.

And the conversation continued from there…..

My Aub posted on Facebook last week this quote from Anne Lamott’s “Help Thanks Wow.”  I have had folks try to comfort me with words such as these, and frankly, there have been times I’ve felt what Ms. Lamott is saying here.   A dear friend of mine told me that she wants to respond to folks who, in passing, pat the hands of those going through hard times, saying, “I’ll pray for you,” with “Were you even listening?  Really?  I need someone, something to hold on to.  Really?”



They mean no harm really, and I understand.  It’s just that sometimes the pain is so great and the loss so deep (or is it vice versa, never mind, it’s both) that it is hard to find comfort in the words coming out of someone’s mouth.

At one point or another over the past four years, someone quoted this Scripture to me in an effort to bring me peace and comfort.



This is beautiful.  Is there anything sweeter than a little one huddling close to Mama or Daddy and being protected and safe?  If there is, I can’t think of it right this second.

I love this image.  I do.  However, when I was in the depths of heartbreak and loss and feeling broken, I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the words and grasp the comfort of the idea.  Never mind the thought helping my hurting heart. Not happening.  It was folding its arms and shaking its head no–just not working here.

I began to wonder, is it just a pleasing image?  Is this passage for the birds?  What was I not getting?

Then last week Thom Shuman (who writes beautiful poetry and it an incredible writer of liturgy) shared this video.  Please take three minutes and watch this.  I don’t think you will regret it.

Take a moment to dry your eyes.  Or hang on while I do.  Gets me Every. Single. Time.

Oh my.

The thing is, in my life, there are times I’ve been the person shaking her head at what someone else is doing.  I’ve also been the person a little indignant that someone wasn’t there just a little bit sooner to help.

But the one I want to be?

The guy.  He gets it.  He knows what it’s like to walk in the dust of the Rabbi.  To LIVE like He did.

Y’all, what if WE are the FEATHERS?  What if?  What if our calls and cards and messages and visits and lunches in waiting rooms and bananas hung on doors and cups of coffee on sad afternoons and laughter over silliness and our listening to memories and stories that need sharing—what if we are part of the Wing that shelters and comforts?

What does that look like?

I think we just saw it in that video.  Makes the world a more beautiful place.

Y’all go be the feather.

#bethefeather Go shelter and comfort another.  We can do this.
Go shelter and comfort and love another. We can do this–change the world.

Love and comfort to all.


14 thoughts on “#bethefeather”

  1. My friend shared the literal interpretation of the story in this commercial. Thank you Michelle and Toi–

    Believe in Good Things

    Doing things he may not get credit for but does it any way

    What do you get when you do this every day?

    He’s not getting anything or any richer

    He’s not getting on TV

    Nobody knows you.

    He’s not famous.

    But he does get rewarding happiness

    You may not think what you give is enough.

    He sees happiness

    He understands

    He feels love

    He gets things money can’t buy

    And a more beautiful world.

    And this is what people need the most.

    1. Amazing when you can put a little story with it, it makes it all so much more dear. THANK YOU for sharing this! Off to #bethefeather

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