the gift of cuddles

This post is brought to you by my sick children.

Whatever respiratory thing that has gotten hold of so many of our family and friends is putting a working on us.  Two down.  Three holding their own.  So far.

So tonight will be short and sweet.  (You’re welcome, Bubba.)

Mostly because our Princess asked me to cuddle with her.



This nine-year old has grown up so much in the past year–she’s become so much more independent.  She has friends who knock on our door, wanting to play, and she heads out with them for hours some days.  Yesterday she and her friends and brother had a great time, in intervals shortened by a Mama worried about them getting too cold, playing with the sled and throwing snowballs and sliding down an ice-covered slide.  (I shiver just thinking about it, but Cooter says it was the BEST SLIDE EVER.)

And yet today, when she started feeling poorly, all she wanted was to cuddle with her Mama.  Done.  I’m in.

And my big girl, whose fun times with friends in the snow at Wesleyan Tuesday night (they got a lot more snow than we did) and again yesterday brought me great joy, called and wanted to come home.  If only for tonight.  She doesn’t feel good, and she too wants her Mama.  Or her bed.  But I’m going with Mama.  It’s my prerogative.  (And I am hoping that their playing in the snow and being sick is only a coincidence.  *sigh*)

I’m not happy my babies are sick.  But I am thankful that my babies, no matter their ages, still want their Mama.  And so tonight I sign off to go love on them and cuddle, and I wish each one of you the gift of someone to comfort you and the precious gift of being wanted and needed.

Love to all.


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