Don’t Leave Anyone Out

These last few days of summer have been filled with some of the best things in life, but some of the best fun has been playing and having adventures with cousins.  As can happen when you mix children from a few families, you often have to remind the group, as Mama always told us when we were going to see our cousins at Granny’s house, “Don’t leave anyone out.”

This afternoon the crew were all over at Blackberry Flats.  I had gone out to give another round of “encouragement” to all the young’uns about playing together well and fairly.  And yeah, “Don’t leave anyone out.”  Our Princess, the oldest in the crew, stood on Mama’s front porch and pitched in her two cents, “Yeah, we can’t do that.  Because if Maemae were here she’d say, ‘Y’all don’t leave anybody out.  I don’t lak (like) that.'” (Sometimes her accent is thicker than others.) She continued, “It’s like when you are having a party and a poor child comes to your door and you invite them in and have them sit by the fire and give them food and turn it into their party.  That’s how we should do.”

Not that we’ve ever had that happen, but yeah, just like that.  I stood amazed and somewhat slack-jawed.

Matthew 25:35, Princess version.  Invite a stranger in and make the party all about them. I like it.

**Today’s Thirty Second Tuesday is brought to you by a challenge from my baby brother Bubba.  He’s been in town, and we were talking this evening about writing.  He teased me about what I write, saying, “I don’t know. After thirty seconds I’m just skimming.  Thirty seconds is all I can give you.”  Which was followed by a suggestion that maybe I could try to write something that could be read in 30 seconds or less.  I don’t know about that, but Bubba, here’s my best shot.  Hope it met the challenge.  Love you bro.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Anyone Out

  1. Maybe he reads too slowly–maybe he needs to take a speed reading course.

    As for Taite, she has done it again.  Amazing.  Is she an angel in human skin?


    • Hee hee. I think he might. Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll let him know. Unless maybe he got through the post in less than 30 and had time to read the comments too. 🙂
      As for my girl, yes ma’am, I’m starting to wonder. I’m not worthy, all’s I’m sayin’.
      Love to you and many, many thanks for reading. Means the world to me.

  2. Loved this Tara. I have always felt the “princess” as you call her is an angel – from the first day I met her on the back steps at Blackberry Flats. She said, ” Hey. My name is Taite. It means happy. What’s your name?” As for this post, I’m pretty sure she just summed up the Gospel. This may find its way into a sermon after I pass it on to Bill.

    • Miss Sue, thank you for reading and sharing. She always felt a special connection with you just as I have. Thank you for your sweet words. Please do share it with Pastor Bill as you see fit. His “river of birds” has really stuck with my littles. Whenever we see them, they get so excited and call out, “River of birds! River of birds!” I love that he honored someone he didn’t know that day AND helped little ones who had seen so much death feel free to talk about it. I give thanks for both of you. And I did not know that she introduced herself to you that way. Thank you. That’s my girl. We all love and miss you.

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