The Liebster Award–The Fun of Paying it Forward

Image from hopehonorandhappiness.com
Image from hopehonorandhappiness.com

Thanks for stopping in.  I am excited and honored to share that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, an award that recognizes and welcomes new bloggers.  A big thank you to Ariffa of Hope, Honor, and Happiness for nominating me.  She has published a novella, “Kingdom of the Sun,” and blogs “to light flames of inspiration in your minds and hearts.”  Thank you, Ariffa, for this honor!

This is a “pay it forward” honor.  I answer the questions that Ariffa wrote for me to answer, and then I recognize ten bloggers who are absolutely awesome.  This is so much fun!

So without further ado, a little more about me:

1) Why did you feel the need to start a blog?

I started writing to work through my grief.  Sharing the stories of my family, writing them down to remember–it hasn’t lessened the pain of my parents’ passing, but it has brought back memories that have made me smile and reminded me of things I thought I had forgotten.

2) Sunsets or Sunrises?

Sunsets.  Definitely.  Sunrises require the getting up out of bed way too early.  Sunrises back home at Blackberry Flats in the fall always reminded me of the introduction to Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.  Beautiful “Technicolor” and darkness.  I miss that view at the back door.

3) What is the last good movie that you have seen?

Oh my.  I haven’t seen a movie in its entirety in quite some time.  The last ones I saw were the Disney and Pixar sequels over the summer.  Good but not my favorites.  Can I count the play I saw last Friday night?  “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  If not, then I’d have to say the last Harry Potter movie.  That one touched my heart and made me rethink the things I thought I believed.  Yes, Harry Potter.

4) How would you describe compassion?

Hugh Hollowell, the director of Love Wins Ministry in NC, talks about sitting with people in the dark, that he thinks that is what Jesus does.  To me, that is what compassion is.  Sitting with someone right where they are.

5) What is your favorite animal and why?

Growing up horses were my very favorites.  Everything horses.  I collected a few of the Breyer horses.  Mama made me a bookbag with a horse head appliqued on it.  When Daddy brought home a horse, I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth.  I had a sheep for 4-H at one time too.  Really though I love most animals.  We have a puppy and four cats right now, but I wouldn’t mind having a horse or two again one day.

6) What is your favorite movie quote?

I have many favorites for someone who hasn’t seen a movie in a while.  But I think this one speaks to my heart the most in this moment:

20131101-225058.jpgA quote from Kingsley Shacklebolt in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

7) What is your ideal vacation?

At this point, I would say a stay-cation of sorts.  I think if I could go over to my Mama’s house and just be–with my books, my writing stuff, and yarn and needles of different types–that would be my most favorite thing to do.  Low pressure, time to do whatever my heart and mind wanted.  THAT would be the best!  Too often vacations are Mama preparing, Mama packing, Mama planning snacks for the trip, and then Mama coming home and doing laundry, putting it away, and getting things settled back in.  I’m all for daytrips, but if I can’t have a stay-cation, it’s just not in me to make it happen right now.

8) What was your childhood dream?

At one point, I had figured out what year I could first run for President.  I don’t want that so much anymore.  I wanted to be a veterinarian, until a heart to heart conversation with Daddy, in which he shared that he had once wanted to be one too.  And we talked about the heartbreaking side of being a vet.  So no, I don’t want that anymore either.  I also wanted to write and publish a book.  Maybe one day…..

9) If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have only one (and several come to mind), it would be to have x-ray ingredient vision.  To be able to look at something and know if it had things in it that could harm my child with food allergies–THAT would reduce so much stress in my life, you just don’t know.  Yes, that is the ONE.

10) What and when was the last book you read?

I just finished “Silver Sparrow” by Tayari Jones last Saturday.  I read it as did my daughter as part of the Pioneer Book Club of Wesleyan College.  I shared my thoughts about it here. It was a hard but good read.

Here are some pretty special bloggers I nominate for the Liebster Award.  Some I have been following for a while, and others I have just discovered.  They are all excellent writers and shining light in our world.  I am thankful that they share their time and talents with us all.

Centering Down  Dena is a wonderful writer, who writes with refreshing honesty about tears and joy in this life.  She just published an Advent Devotional as well, which will make your preparation for Christmas more meaningful.  A talented woman who is making her dreams happen.

Tales of a Wesleyanne  Written by Auburn, my oldest.  No nepotism here, I really believe she is a great writer.  And she’s writing as she navigates her first semester of college.  Pop in and say hello.  Tell her Mama sent you!

Bloggin’ Billy’s  This is written by author Renea Winchester.  Her books are as comforting as sitting on my Granny’s front porch after running around chasing fireflies in the front yard.  I’ve never met her but I hope to one day.  She is telling the stories of her people, and they are wonderful to hear.

Baddest Mother Ever   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel like you just had a long conversation with your dear friend from college.  She writes about everything from feral underwear to the craziness of exes to the heartbreak in saying goodbye to the one you love.  You won’t regret clicking on this link.

FromMetoMissionary  The Kiehl family moved to Mexico a little over a year ago to serve and love in a small community there.  This is the story of their adventures there.  Sometimes Jonathan writes, sometimes Teresa does, and as a special treat, sometimes one of the boys shares his story.  They share pictures of their adventures as well.  They are touching lives and sharing light.

Artist in the Woods  “Without a home but not without a soul.” Rocky is an artist whose pictures are amazing.  He has a gift, and I am thankful he shares it with everyone.

Sheologian  Written by Sarah, who describes herself as “Feminist (and) theologian, liberation theologian, bibliophile, novice photographer, wonder-seeker, saucy little minx.”  When she wrote a post a month ago called, “Oh Knit!” she had me hooked.

Tools To Live an Inspired Life  Licensed therapist Stuart Cline writes to share ideas for better living.  HIs blog is a recent discovery for me, and I found some neat art ideas to use in my Sister Circle.  In addition to writing and being a therapist, Mr. Cline served as a Consultant for one of the Breaking Bad characters.

THE ADOPTED LIFE  Angie writes and shares from the adoptee’s point of view.  She was adopted into a diverse family and writes beautifully and honestly, and she shares a voice that needs to be heard.  She too quotes from Khalil Gibran.

Gotta Say Thanks!  This blogger takes time to say thanks in the midst of adversity.  This blog is a new find for me, but I am now following her.  She’s been nominated before, but she deserves it.  I am inspired by her focus on the positive despite all that is going on in her life and in the world.

Thank you all for sharing great thoughts and laughs and making me feel and think.  To pay it forward to other great writers if you’d like to, here are the guidelines: (but as my Mama would say, “No pressure–it’s all for the funofit” and she’d say it just like that–like it was one word)

Rules to follow:

  1. Link back and recognize the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the ten questions given to you by your nominator
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Notify your nominees

And here are your questions:

1) What are you favorite kind of shoes to wear?  Why?

2) Soup and…..sandwich or salad?

3) You’ve found the pot at the end of the rainbow.  You are thrilled by what is in it, but it’s not gold or money. What is it?

4) What’s a word that you always have to double-check the spelling on–no matter how many times you try to remember?

5) Your favorite place to write.  And is it on a keyboard or with pen and paper?

6) Someone is writing the story of your life.  Best title ever would be?

7) Breakfast for supper–yes or no?

8) What makes you laugh?

9) What about you would surprise other people?

10) If you could take a class from anyone in the world, living or dead, what would the class be and whom would you want to would teach it?

Thank you all for reading over these many months and years.  Thank you again to Hope, Honor, and Happiness for the honor and for the fun in putting this together this evening.

Here’s to reading and writing and sharing our stories!  Love to all.

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