A New Voice of Hope


In this place I have witnessed life and death, and tonight, new life. The moment of hearing the voice of a new one in our world who might one day cure the cancer that took her loved ones away too soon or find a way to help the ones who walk the streets in her new hometown…..such beauty and dreams surround her. And yet the echoes of the beeping of machines haunted us today just as they did before. And the fear that seems to lurk in corners of places like this was waiting to grab hold of people in uncertain places like we have been today.

But in the end, love and redemption won out and there is a new little squeaky voice of hope among us.

Welcome little one. Dream big. May you always know how much you are loved by those here and those watching over you from beyond the thin veil, and may you share that love with those who come along to journey beside you. Peace and joy and laughter to you today and everyday, our precious little one.

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