A Throw Your Clothes Up in the Air Kind of Joy

Our Princess has had about as much fun as an eight year old can have and it still be legal.  She has loved having her cousins from out-of-state staying with us, as there’s all kinds of adventures and things to play from getting up to laying down.

Today alone she’s played Star Wars versus Lalaloopsy’s and built with Legos.  She had “the best lunch ever.”  (She’s sweet like that.  If there’s anything at all that she likes, she praises it as the best ever. Today it was because of my potato salad.) Princess rode her bike up and down the sidewalk and felt the wind cut through the sweltering heat that has finally arrived here in Georgia.  She got to peruse the shelves and shelves of books at her favorite bookstore and found a book by her favorite author that she didn’t already have.  Along with her brother and cousins they “rescued” itty bitty frogs and a skink and cared for them in a bug box she got for 77 cents at the GW Boutique.  We got our money’s worth from it today. Right up until dark when I went to let out all those little critters.  (They were concerned about the skink and wanted us to take him to the vet.  To which my sister-in-law told them they’d better have a bake sale because we weren’t paying for a skink’s vet visit. Right on.)

The evening ended with them all running through the sprinklers and sliding down the slide in their wet clothes, which made it even more fun.  They’d yell, “Water slide!” and off they’d go.  It was a busy and fun day.  And to top it all off our Princess didn’t even mess up her nails that she had done with her aunt yesterday.

Still pretty as a picture, even after chasing frogs and skinks and riding her bike.

Still pretty as a picture, even after chasing frogs and skinks and riding her bike.

After all that water fun they came inside in their wet things and headed to their respective baths/showers.  And this is what I saw when I went to check on the Princess.

The shirt our Princess wore today--just hanging out to dry.

The shirt our Princess wore today–just hanging out to dry.

She was quite apologetic as she hollered from the shower.  “Mama, I’m sorry.  I tried to get it down myself.” (as evidenced by the little stepstool underneath)  “I was so happy when I came in that I wanted to toss my shirt up a little bit.  I guess I just threw it too high.”

Y’all.  For the love.

Bless her, she thought I was upset, but it was all I could do to keep from laughing.  Imagine being so joyful that you threw your clothes up in the air so high they landed amongst the light.

The family saying about our Princess is that she is our sunshine, but sometimes we have to wear shades.  I love this side of her.  The one that gets so “I just about can’t bear it” excited.  Life should be that way for all of us at least once, shouldn’t it?

Tonight I’m thankful for her exuberance and joy.  And for a real stool that I can use to get that shirt down.  And yes, I’m going to get it down.  Maybe tomorrow.  For tonight it inspires me.

May you all have a “throw your clothes in the air” joyful kind of day!

6 thoughts on “A Throw Your Clothes Up in the Air Kind of Joy

    • Some kind of lizard, and apparently this one had something exposed from its innards on its side. Which we heard about repeatedly. Yeah. So much for my stomach of steel. 😉 Thanks for reading. And by the way, the shirt is still there. Don’t have the heart to take it down yet. I need that joy. I want some of that.

  1. Get out your sunglasses because the light of your life is about to enter the room! It’s funny to watch her mother hen her brother into submission too.

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