Seeking Clarity

pic of my glasses

These are my glasses.  The most recent pair in a long line of visual assistance.  They help me see okay, although that is debatable after the incident early yesterday morning where I mistook a soccer ball for a calico cat curled up on my porch.  I think it is finally time for me to move on to the next rendition–bifocals–as these spend more than their fair share of the day hanging off my face so I can see things that are up close.

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in fifth grade.  I knew the teasing of “four eyes” was coming, but I didn’t care.  The clarity of my sight with them was amazing.  We went over to my great Aunt’s house over behind the Mercer Law School in Macon after we picked them up.  I was so pleased with them, and then promptly forgot them and left them there.   I wasn’t used to keeping up with them or keeping them on my face yet.  Daddy drove us back up there in his truck.  This was back in the day before all of the transportation laws.  I rode down I-75 sitting in the bed of his truck, amazed at all around me.  My head was turning from right to left and back again.  I could see leaves on the trees.  I could READ the billboards.  I was in awe of all that was around me.

I went through the phase of having the self-tinting glasses.  I thought they were so cool.  Until our class pictures were outside and I was the only one whose eyes couldn’t be seen.  That was a hoot.  And it seemed like they never quite lost the tint even when I was inside.

One evening after I had my glasses for a while, I was out riding our horse Betsy bareback.  I don’t know if it was at my urging or not, but she started galloping back towards the house.  Somewhere along the way, with me bouncing on her back, my glasses bounced right off my face.  I wasn’t able to stop her right away, but I knew about where it happened.  There were just two problems.  It was dusk and hard to see, and without my glasses it was even harder to search.  My folks came out to help but to no avail.  We decided to wait until morning when there would be more light.  I don’t know how we thought I would handle school without my glasses, but we had no other choice than to wait.

Early the next morning, we started searching out in the horse pasture.  Betsy followed us around, curious as to what we were doing out there so early.  The sunlight glistened on the morning dew.  Every twinkle I was hopeful.  But no such luck.  Then I saw it, a reflection that was more than a dewdrop.  My glasses!  There was a tiny crack in the frame, but otherwise they were perfectly fine.  We were so lucky that Betsy hadn’t crushed them on the ride back or during the night.  And that we actually found them–it was pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Just glasses in a horse pasture instead.

I was thinking about those glasses and that incident tonight.  Isn’t it funny how if you sleep on something and try again in the morning, in the light, things can suddenly seem so much clearer and sometimes you even find what you are seeking?  That kind of clarity–they just can’t put that in frames.  Oh if only.

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