from this vantage point

in the rare quiet moment between

I heard the low rumble of conversations

from across the hall and down the stairs

the words were not discernible

but the goodness in what was said and what was being heard 

was music of the finest caliber

actively waiting

building friendships

sharing stories

tools for healing and moving beyond

handed from one generation to the next

healing hearts

grace offered and grasped 

ideas blooming

laughter bubbling over

encouraging dreams

a pat on the hand and a high five

encouraging, celebrating

a smile across the room

fine tapestries of connection woven 

in and out, a beautiful pattern 

that will keep us warm when the world turns cold

for those who sit (and stand)

with others

in these moments 

down stairs, across halls 

  and all over near and far 


bitter winds will come

but the tapestry woven in these precious moments

will carry us through 

to reach the warmth of the Light on the other side

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