What Would Be Your Superpower?

Is there anything more magical than listening to two young people talking about the world and listening to their points of view?

It was the end of the day for classes. Two students sat at the table after class ended, both waiting on their dads to pick them up. They are in class together, so their conversation was easy and affable. They compared their thoughts about driving one day (at least four years away), and then talked about how old exactly you have to be. They talked about where their dads might be, since they hadn’t arrived on the dot when class was over. I was tidying up, and I assured them not to worry. As we looked out through the glass pane into the now dark parking lot, I told them about my friend’s question that helps so much when we don’t understand what or why something is happening–“What does this make possible?”

I asked them what they thought that might be. They giggled over some silly thoughts, and then we decided that this allowed us to have a good conversation together.

Immediately one piped up with, “If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?”

Y’all she was so quick with that question, I feel like it’s one that she thinks about a lot, bless her. Her friend sat for a minute and said, “All of them.”

I silently applauded her–okay, girl, you go ahead and ask for the world, dream that dream supersized–and then was brought back into the conversation by the inquisitor–“Did you hear what she said? She’d want all of them.” She laughed good naturedly.

“Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea,” I replied. “For your superpower to be all of them…..”

The one who had answered shook her head. With big eyes and the most sincere tone, she answered, “Oh no. Not all at once. You know, if I needed to fly somewhere…..then I’d have that ability. Or if I needed to do something else, I’d have that superpower. Just one at the time, you know?”

Bless her. I remember the Genie telling Aladdin he couldn’t make wishing for more wishes one of his three wishes. I guess that’s kind of what I thought my young friend was doing. Instead she was being really quite reasonable. Her superpower would be to be able to do whatever was most needed in any situation.

Wise beyond her years.

This day’s magical moment was me being allowed into the precious world and mind of preteen girls. Allowed to listen and talk with them and explore the world through their eyes. I’m thankful for their joyful embrace of the opportunity to just sit and chat for a few minutes in this oh so busy world during an oh so busy season. I’m thankful for the question that stirred the conversation and for the mind that genuinely wanted to know the answer. I am also grateful for a young person who saw the magic of superpowers quite logically. May we all take the time to assess what is going on, figure out what is needed, take care of it, and then let it go–and move on.

It reminds me of one of my Mama’s favorite lines. It was from the TV show M*A*S*H–Charles Emerson Winchester the Third said it on more than one occasion if I’m not mistaken. “I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on.”

Bless inquisitive minds, sensible superheroes, and precious preteens.

May the magic of the season be memorable and long lasting!

Love to all.

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