Singing in the Churchyard Kind of Joy

Christmas Eve twenty-one years ago, I bundled up my baby girl and we attended the midnight service at our church.  Organ music began at 11 p.m. and the service began at 11:30.  We had enjoyed sitting there for a few minutes, listening to the music, when she had a moment that babies do that need attending to.  Sooner rather than later.  So I toted my little “sack of taters” out to the car parked close to the side of the church.  After a refreshing change, I wrapped her up snug, and paused to listen to the music pouring out from the church with the light through the beautiful stained glass windows.  It was my favorite–“O Come, All Ye Faithful.”  The service was beginning.

My heart was full to bustin’ as I walked across the dark churchyard.  My soul was filled with song and joy.  I couldn’t hold it in.  I found myself not just singing my favorite song, but I was belting it out with all the verve I could muster.

I was LOUD.

As I approached the church steps, I realized that I had not been alone in the dark as I had thought.  The ushers were still outside greeting folks who were coming in at the last minute.

Oh me.

They grinned and welcomed me again.  “Merry Christmas, Tara.”  The smiles on their faces left no doubt that they had heard me.

And I grinned right back.

The overwhelming joy within wouldn’t let me feel a moment of embarrassment.  Just light. And love.  Wonder and joy.

This holiday season I wish for all of you that kind of joy–the kind that has you overflowing with song and laughter–the kind that nothing can dampen.

Sing out loud for all to hear!  The world needs to hear your voice.  Today and everyday.

Love and Merry Christmas to all!



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