Looking for Hagrid’s Hut and Driving After Dark

Today was magic.

It was stepping back in time and yet going forward.

Stepping back to when I was a student at my alma mater and forward to when my own little Golden Heart will officially begin her journey there.  She can tell you in a split second she’ll start there in seven years.  Seven…..seems so far away, but I know the number lies, and it really isn’t.

Today was the annual event where our daughters get to experience a small taste of what we  alumnae did when we were there.  This was our Princess’ third year going to this event.  Never mind the other times she’s been on campus–she is getting comfortable there, and I wonder if maybe it’s starting to feel a little bit like home for her too.

As we took a few minutes to wander over to a bench in the warm sun, she looked around and said, “This is a good day.  I am really learning my way around here better and better.  I didn’t used to know the names of the buildings, but now I know where to find all of them, I think.”  She paused, as we continued walking.  “I just can’t figure out why we haven’t come across Hagrid’s Hut yet.”


But that’s just who she is.  She is bright and chatty and enchanted with life.  She loves to read and read some more and play outside, and she lives in a world where fairies do exist even though we don’t see them and where her letter to Hogwart’s must have been bumbled by a faulty owl and well, apparently where Wesleyan is really Hogwart’s and we just haven’t wandered far enough out to find the hut.  And Buckbeak too, I’d wager.

Tonight as we were driving home really late in the dark, she looked around, amazed.  Amazed at the number of people who were at the grocery store after 11 p.m.  and at how many were in line at the fast food places.  “But it’s so late!” she kept exclaiming.  (Yes, we are those people–very rarely out that late at night.)

I get it.  Being out late at night like that makes me feel quite small.  There are all these people living their lives that I know nothing about, and I wouldn’t even realize they were out there if I were home in my bed as I usually would be.  Small.  Yes.  It also is amazing to see all of the places that are closed, locked up tight, that we never would think about sitting empty if we weren’t out late on a Saturday night after a very big day at a very special place.

Tonight I’m thankful for a day spent with my girl, this one who sees the world in a very different way.  I love that she shares that with me, and that I am one of the recipients of her love and sweet spirit.  I’m also the recipient of some of the not so sweet stuff, but that’s a story for another night.  She is, after all, 11, and as someone I love very dearly pointed out, our girl probably doesn’t know why she’s feeling all the feels at any given time herself.  It’s just part of being 11.

Wishing you all someone who lets you accompany them on magical journeys and helps you to see the world through their precious eyes every now and then.

Love to all.

Hagrid’s Hut  “The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012 (7387697298)” by Karen Roe from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK – The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012Uploaded by SunOfErat. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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