The Chaos After

We’ve been cleaning and sorting and breaking down Christmas this past week, like you do.  Epiphany is my self-imposed start date (not deadline–that’s an ugly word, people) for putting away the decorations.  We play treasure hunt on the tree for the ornaments and put them back in boxes for another eleven months.  The boxes stay in the house for a few days, which is a very good thing, since today I found yet another decoration on a shelf that had been forgotten.

I know.  January 10th.

It’s whatever, y’all.  I refuse to stress about this.

Much.  I refuse to stress much about it.

Because until it’s all stacked and stored away, yeah, I’m gonna stress a little bit.

Yesterday I was putting some of my heirloom Christmas decorations up in my closet, as well as tucking a couple of 2016 presents (yes, already, because sales, people!) away, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Presents.  Christmas presents.

For the folks I love who live right here under the same roof with me.

This.  This is why “What you didn’t get for Christmas” Day was born.  Well this and delayed deliveries.  But just as often it’s this at the root of it.  I hide it so well that…..well, yes, even I can’t find it.

So today became an unofficial WYDGFC Day celebration.  I had said we weren’t doing it this year because I don’t want my people focusing on the getting.  They were quite surprised and full of smiles when I came out of my closet and interrupted their lunch with the little treats.

I guess now Christmas 2015 is officially over.  Gifts have all been given, and all the decorations are tucked in their tubs and ready for storing.  Oh wait…..what is that over there?  How did we not notice that one before?

*sigh* Back to it.

Somebody please tell me I’m not the only one.  Even if you’re just humoring me.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this, the chaos that comes after the holidays.

Love and happy putting away to all.


1 thought on “The Chaos After”

  1. Tara, our tree is still up and garland on the stairs! It just hasn’t gotten done. Afterall, when does Christmas end?

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