First Day of Christmas

The first day of Christmas…..


one cast iron pot of butterbeans!  (You sang that in your head, didn’t you? No?  Just me?  Okay, moving on…..)

On this beautiful day, I’m loving the amalgam of things old and new.  This old style pot was new to me today, and I washed it up and put one of our favorites in it.  I rejoice over the memories of Christmases past–with my cousins at my Granny’s, the suitcase I was given one year, the waking up time bargaining with my parents each year, the excitement, all the things I made over the years for gifts, the first one on my own, my first one as a Mama, the first one overseas, the first one without my Daddy, then the first one without my Mama, all the ones when the Fella was working and couldn’t be home with us, and all of the people we have celebrated with over the years.  While reflecting and rejoicing throughout our day, we also made many happy new memories today–especially the laughs over very clever gifts and jokes that we shared.  Our most often used line seemed to be, “Yay!  It’s a box!”

One is a good number for Christmas.  One special baby who changed the world.  One beautiful story that ties into all of our stories.  One world.  One minute at a time, one item on the list of to do’s at the time.  One step at a time, no more.  One brings peace.

And one cast iron pot that I love.  Full of one of my favorite foods.

On the first day of Christmas…..

love to all.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Christmas”

    1. Oh my. Then this is going to be a VERY LONG next eleven days here on the blog for you. You might want to skip reading for a few days…..and I never tell folks not to read. LOL You could always sing Delta Dawn to get rid of the song playing in your head. Did you read my post about that one? 🙂 Merry Christmas to you!

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