Joy to All the World

Today has found me in the kitchen baking things to eat and things to share.  I have listened to the excitement and wishes that this day would hurry up and be done.  I got hugs from sweet children who are not my own who are happy and joy-filled and excited, no matter the rain or warm weather.  It’s Christmas, and their anticipation of good things is infectious.  I think they get the “real” meaning of this day more than we know.

Tonight I stood weeping in a candlelit church during the a cappella last verse of “Silent Night.” I wept for good things and for sad things.  For things broken and things healed.  For people with me and those who are not.  I wept for all things the Light reveals.

For now, my littles have their wish.  This day is drawing to a close.  Tomorrow is a very special day.  As are they all.  We are reminded of love and Light and joy.  As we should be everyday.

Wishing you all the things that make you smile, and someone to give you a big hug when they don’t.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Love to all.



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