Welcomed Home

This afternoon, as I was running short on time and ideas of what to start for our supper as we would be later coming in tonight, I was gifted by the pantry fairies and found beans and tomatoes enough for a pot of chili.

The clean dishes fairy was looking after me too, and the crockpot was all ready to go.

The weather fairies even cooperated, and the weather was chili appropriate tonight.

So it was, we had chili for supper.  Everyone seemed to be happy about that.

Well, except for Cooter.

He’s pretty much a fan of the beige food group and little else.  Pizza, chicken, macaroni and cheese, rice, applesauce…..little outside that group suits him.

When someone brought up that maybe he shouldn’t be so picky, he stated quite emphatically, “I’m not a picky eater.  I am just not as adventurous an eater as most.”

Sigh.  The struggle is real.

Tonight I’m thankful for a pot of chili all ready and waiting on a cool night with the stars hanging bright in the dark sky. I am grateful for the enticing aroma that welcomed us home, and I am most thankful that all of my people were here at home to enjoy it.  Well, okay, that they were all home.

May you all have something wonderful welcoming you home on a cold winter evening.

Love to all.

What was left after we all (well, except for Cooter) had some chili tonight.  Just enough for a bowl or two tomorrow.  Leftovers–my favorite!

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