Making It the Norm

forgotten everything meme

Ever have one of those days?

Often, my friends, often.

And then it occurs to me, that if “free time” is so “not the norm” that the potential of having it causes me to question my own sanity, there might be a problem.

If my schedule is so packed that finding an hour here or a morning there with “nothing,” makes me wonder what I’ve forgotten–well, it’s a shame.  A crying shame.

We deserve better.

Just like when we’ve carried a weight or burden for so long, and we finally decide or reach a point where we are able to let it go.  Suddenly we’re so unfettered that we are nearly light-headed and hardly know how to live without that weight.

Or when we’ve felt bad physically for a while, and after making deliberate choices or seeing a good professional who can help, suddenly we feel so much better we don’t even know that what we are feeling is better.  We can’t trust it.

It’s too much.

Feeling good physically and not weighted down with worries and woes should be the norm, not an anomaly.

As we head into the holidays, let’s all make a pact not to over schedule ourselves or our families.  Let’s have all kinds of moments and days where “nothing” is the norm, and we have all this time to be with the folks we love.  Let’s aim to let go of the worries of the season and focus instead on the warmth and fellowship of the last days of this year.

Wishing you all a day of “free time”–one where you can go and make all the memories.

Love to all.

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