Growing Pains and Blessings

A couple of weeks back I was trying to plan out what we’d do to celebrate our Princess’ upcoming birthday.  As I planned and brainstormed, I mentioned my ideas to her.  She was far from thrilled.

“Mama, why didn’t you bother to ask ME?  How old do I have to be to plan my own birthday?  Because that is NOT what I want to do.”  It seems she and her friend had been talking about what we could do to celebrate, and my ideas were sorely lacking.

At least she didn’t roll her eyes at me.  Yet.

She’s not quite eleven, y’all.


I was left wondering when did she all of a sudden become so sure-of-herself-growny-acting, and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  I’ve given up trying to influence her sense of style.  She marches to her own beat, that one, and nearly always looks adorable doing it, despite the fact that I wasn’t a part of wardrobe planning.  I’ve given up so many things that happen when they are little and still malleable and easily convinced that whatever is going on is the best idea ever.

And now, I guess, I’m giving up planning birthday festivities too.

I was sad until this morning.

Cooter and I have taken the brunt of this bug that came through our family.  Our Princess had two weekends of dealing with this or something similar a few weeks back, but last night I got concerned that this might be something completely different.  When I checked her temperature on a lark, she was just barely above normal, but still I worried.  She’s my one who can go from just a low-grade in the morning, to full-fledged high fever, bronchitis, and all the bad things by night.  I try to watch her closely.  So I told her to get good rest last night, and we’d see where today took us.

She was still sleeping when Cooter and I decided to venture into the kitchen and see about starting our day.  I took Miss Sophie out in the cold, rainy, and dreary morning, and when we returned, our Princess was still sleeping.  Cooter had eaten his breakfast, so I suggested we get a nap.  He had a headache, and my fever was returning (it wants to be my BFF, but I’m sorry, I want it out of here!).  We curled up, and I dozed a bit off and on.

Later when I got up, Princess came in and apologized to me.  “Mama, I am so sorry I slept late.  I am so sorry.  I’ve been trying to make it up to you by cleaning up the kitchen and the table and picking up things and getting Sophie’s toys put back.  I had Cooter help me, and then I let him watch a video when we were done.  I hope that’s okay.”

I was so relieved she was fever free and feeling better, I could have cried.  I just knew we would have another week of this mess to deal with when she slept in so late today.

But no.  She was and is fine.  And she took initiative today.  Something that comes along with the same territory as wanting to plan one’s own birthday celebrations.

Yeah, toddlers–they’ll love whatever kind of theme you choose, but they’re not so much on the whole seeing something that needs doing and then doing it.

I’ll take it.  I’ll take now.

And I’m thankful.  For my Princess’ health.  For Cooter’s improvements today.  And for the fact that I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel of this horrendous virus that got a hold of us.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the sweet spirit and giving heart of my Princess.  I’m glad she could sleep in–it’s very possible she was busy rejuvenating and healing in that extra hour or two.  She was adorable as a toddler and as she grows, she becomes more beautiful everyday–inside and out.

And while her outer beauty is quite spectacular, it’s that inside stuff I’m especially thankful for tonight.

Love to all.

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