What Goes In…..

This morning the littles had a field trip to our local DNR Fish Aquarium.  It is a fantastic place and they do an amazing job with the classes.  It seems this year they have gotten even better.

This morning the teacher told the children they’d be learning about nocturnal creatures.  It was interesting–nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, matutinal, vespertine.  I learned many new terms and was even able to put my new knowledge about snails growing their own shells to use.

After a brief discussion of the habits of different creatures, the teacher pulled out little foil balls and gave one to each child.  There was an air of anticipation in the room.

Owl pellets.


We have never done this before, though I’ve heard of them.  When an owl eats the little critters of its choosing, it can’t digest bones and fur, so it regurgitates those things back up.  They are apparently gathered and sanitized for us to dissect and try to discover just what this owl had been munching on.


It was a fascinating exercise.  Even more fascinating was the different ways my two children took to the project.  Cooter was all in for about five minutes, pulling apart sans gloves all the little bits and guessing what he’d found.  And then–he was done. More than.  He came and sat next to me.  His sister, on the other hand, was gloved and ready for surgery.  She took great care to be gentle and not break any of the bones she might come across.  Then she carefully laid each piece on the key which showed all the different type of bones.  When they were told they could bring home their bones, she was all for it.

IMG_9976   IMG_9980

Considering their personalities, this made me laugh.  I never saw that coming.


Looking at what the owl had eaten and regurgitated was disgusting and yet, I couldn’t look away.  Our Princess found skulls and jaws and little leg bones and such.  She couldn’t wait to unearth the next part.

As she worked, I thought about that old saying–

The one about how what you put in will come back out…..

Like if you watch junk or read junk or listen to things that are negative and degrading–it will change your heart and stick to your soul and eventually it will come back out through your actions and words?


Never have I seen a better illustration of that than I did today.

Y’all guard yourselves.  Be careful what you’re taking in.  Because if it doesn’t sit well with you, it’s coming back out one way or another.

And more than likely, it won’t be pretty or pleasant.

May we all focus on taking in the good stuff and tanning our souls today.

Love to all.

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