hot buttered popcorn

because I had forgotten and left the bag in the car
I walked across the parking lot in the misting rain
each little speckle of water landing and quickly dissipating
except for the one on my cheek
which seemed to remind me of emotions better left in check

the dark parking lot lit by four street lamps
was half filled with cars
all uninhabited
for food or companionship
in one of the storefronts whose light reflected
on the wet blacktop

in the air there was a smell
and it triggered the memories before I could name it–
hot buttered popcorn
from the movie theater down the way
and suddenly
I missed you with an overwhelming pain

remembering movies
and laughter
and being scared (but not really)
and I wonder if we will ever
have a chance to sit
and be entertained
without the weight of the world on our
shoulders again

only what is in front of us
and the big tub of buttery goodness
waiting for us to take the world by storm

By Uploader; Vantey (Photographed by Vantey) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Uploader; Vantey (Photographed by Vantey) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “hot buttered popcorn”

  1. Ok, then….I am making popcorn now and remembering my Dad. Who has been in heaven for 18 years. Love you, Tara, and the gift you have of putting emotion to paper so that we may all enjoy memories too.

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