A Night of Haikus

Because They Cared

some days the best thing
that happens–a face you know
greets you at the door

The Son-shine in My Life

little boy laughter,
a cacophony of joy
makes my spirit soar


taking colors from
the palette to the canvas
I see what can be


all the sounds around
dog barking, music playing,
my heart needs quiet

Stars As They Are

tucked away this night
shining, growing in the dark
nothing dims their light

Upon Finishing Her Second Decade of Life

the smile has not changed;
her heart is bigger and casts
its net far and wide

The First Time Our Hands Met

when we talked, your hands
were so excited they flew
and landed just right

It Won’t Always Be This Way

“just because” does not
live with “it will always be”
the good things will come

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