Sometimes They’re the Words I Need to Hear

So when someone is having a hard time, feeling broken, lost, alone, worried, upset, anxious, and you don’t know what to say–

silence is okay.  Sitting right there next to them and saying nothing is okay.

But you know what else is okay?

Saying, “It will be okay.”

Because sometimes whether it will be all right or not isn’t the point exactly.  Sometimes, whatever happens, they will be okay because they won’t be alone.

They have you–either sitting there in silence or reminding them that this moment will pass, by saying that one word–

not “okay.”

But “will.”

With that one word, we turn to the future.




It might not be now, but this too will pass.

I’ve thought about this a lot tonight, and yes, at times it might seem like a trite (or downright inappropriate) thing to say, but sometimes we need reminding that things as they are in this moment won’t always be this way.

Things WILL right themselves once the storm passes and these choppy waters settle, and it will be okay.

There is comfort in not being alone.  And having someone remind you to look ahead.  Beyond THIS.

Tonight I’m thankful for the one who reminded me, “It will be okay.  You will be okay.” I love you.

May we all have someone who knows us well enough to know when those words are the ones we need to hear.

Love to all.

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