What’s Cute Now…..

My new friend, a fellow swim team mom, was excited to share with me that they got a puppy during our two-week break from practices.  A little yellow lab.  She talked about how much she is enjoying him, and how surprised she was to discover that the first few weeks it is similar to having a newborn in the house–the ups and downs at night, the worrying over what could be wrong, the “baby proofing” of the house…..but so much fun.  The smile on her face and the light in her eyes said it all.

Totally worth it.

Her uncle has trained some puppies and has given her advice.  She also talked with a local dog trainer.

“After all, he is going to be a big dog, so I want to start things off right.”  I nodded.  I totally understand that.

Then she told me about the wisdom the dog trainer gave her.  “Well, you know, I was asking is there anything I can do now, before we start formal training.  He told me, ‘Don’t let this ten pound puppy do anything you don’t want the 80 pound dog doing later.'”

Wow.  She was awestruck by that message as well.
I mean, it’s simple, really, isn’t it?

And yet–

I think that’s good advice for any of us raising any kind of critters–puppies, kittens, children.  Don’t let that puppy/toddler start off doing anything you don’t want that big dog/teenager doing later on.

It might be cute now, but…..

yeah.  That right there.

Our tomorrow selves will thank us later.  I promise.

Love to all.

"I got it!" Back when our own dog was a puppy.
“I got it!” Back when our own dog was a puppy.

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