Looking down at my feet, I ponder about how truly amazing gravity is.
It’s like this force, pulling us close, holding us there, much like one in love with another–
that feeling where you never want to let go.

The earth is in love with us. Yes.
The birds and the waves sing her love songs.
The sun, moon, and stars light up her delighted countenance.
She gives us flowers and gifts and feeds us all.
She gives us her everything, down to her very core.
Never wanting to let us go, she holds on tight to all of creation…..

we are loved.

But I worry about what will happen when she figures out what we’ve been doing,
how we’ve really been treating her behind her back,

and when, like a lover scorned, will she fling us far and wide
wanting nothing more than to be rid of us

the ones who have taken her heart, mistreated her, and
walked away, leaving a path of destruction in our wake…..

I think it’s time we give her flowers or trees
and the love and attention she deserves,
saying “I’m sorry”
as she continues to keep us safe and hold us close
despite ourselves

another day, another trip around the sun
she’s still holding on, hoping…..knowing we can do better by her

she’s right


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