created in the Image

let no man put asunder
what God has joined together–
this community,
knitted in the womb of an idea,
and these people
as they work towards
bringing the Kingdom here
and now

this place
where the stranger is welcomed
and made a guest of honor
he whispers as he meets another new face
“I probably won’t remember,
I’m sorry”
“Don’t worry,” they whisper back
and smile,
“there will be plenty of time for that”

where the prodigal returns
and is fed from the bounty
as all smile and remember
how much he loved to eat,
and after the bread is broken
he falls back into
his old ways–
the older ways–
by cleaning and putting away
and helping however he can

where the elders show the younger folks
what hospitality looks like
and generosity
and giving of oneself for others

and what love looks like
in the form of food
and hugs
and words of encouragement
and kindness

and time

where the little ones play
coming unto, dazzling in their joy
and laughter and the getting along
with all who come through the door

this community
where the music is played
and reverberates in the hearts
of those who hear–
like Zacchaeus, they would climb
that sycamore tree if they had to,
to catch a glimpse

only they don’t have to

for as the music plays and eyes meet
across the room
a Breath is drawn
and released with a sigh,
the Soul rests
and all who enter
remove their shoes
and shrug off their heavy bags,

and thankful for this place
where peace is the drink of the day
and a community is being created
through the hands of those who

and built the ark
when no rain was in sight

a dove flew to the window,
still for a moment,
then soared toward the stars
well pleased

and as the doors were locked
and the lights turned off
the people dispersed
for the night
but the community

and always will
in the hearts of those
who give it wings
and carry it out into the world


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