a breath of fresh air

you are welcomed with open arms
and glee
people breathe your name with a sigh of relief
you make all things, all days better
just by showing up

down here where my people are
you are especially appreciated
many add “gentle” before your name,
I’ve never known you to be
anything but–
not like your rough and tumble cousins
who often do damage when they come around

you approach, whispering quietly
playfully teasing
a genteel lady whose eyes twinkle
with merriment

as she lifts her skirts
and dances in time to the melody
only she can hear


Yesterday evening I was outside here in Georgia and I overheard this:
A: Are you coming in?
B: No, it’s all right out here now.
C: But it’s 100 degrees!
D: Yes, but there’s a nice breeze.

I then got to wondering if there is anywhere else on this earth that a breeze is appreciated more than in the summer in Georgia. So much is made bearable, if only there is a breeze.

Wishing you all a good breeze to follow you around today. It’s hot, y’all.

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