pink tutus and passing years

This afternoon I sat waiting, while first one and then another of my littles attended their gymnastics classes. I was struck not for the first time by the enthusiasm of one particular little girl. These few weeks of the summer session have been her very first ballet classes, and all signs point to her future as a ballerina and someone who loves to dance. It has been a joy watching her. And that big smile on her face always melts my heart.

jumping up and down in your very first tutu
Mama stands beside you as you “perform”
for those who wait for class to begin

she reaches out and brushes a strand of hair from your forehead
smiling her tired smile that says it’s been a long day

you twirl around and around joyfully
watching makes my head spin
just as the quickly passing years do

I sit next to my girl
who is years beyond her first sweet ballet shoes
and I smile too
the weariness I feel as well
but it’s from the knowing

that the years go by too quickly
from the tiny little shoes
that can be held in one hand
to walking through the women’s section
to find the right size for the girl
almost as tall as I am

I miss the pink tutus and feet that can’t be still
and as you bounce down the hall to your classroom
I whisper to the air “dance, baby, dance”

and may you be filled with joy


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