play ball

in all the hot summers of playing softball
under the bright summer sky
and watching baseball games
and coaching tee ball

the two rules I remember best
are don’t throw the bat
and keep your eye on the ball

all those little hands throwing balls
looking first to see that the person on the other end
was ready to catch

part of being a good team player

if only we were as careful,
and deliberate
as we tossed our words around
at others

instead of hurling them
without looking
across the room
that is our playing field–
with no referees to call
us to sit the bench for our callous
or unsuitable behavior

we hurl
we hurt
and we lose the game

via Wikimedia Commons
via Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “play ball”

      1. Oh, I haven’t posted it. I wrote it years ago. Really short thing, written right after an experience that made me think how much words could/can hurt. Maybe I’ll share it soon then, will look for it 🙂

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