Yo Mama

Last night I heard the sound that brings me such joy, no matter what is going on around me.

The sound of Cooter laughing.  Laughing hard.

It’s contagious.

I went over and peeked at what on earth his sister had him watching on YouTube.

It was a video by Rhett and Link.  I recognized their names as folks that Aub likes to watch on YouTube.  The video was called “Yo Mama Battles.”

Oh me.  Y’all remember the “Yo Mama so…..” jokes from way back in the day?  Apparently they stuck around like a bad penny, because Aub told me today that she didn’t like those when she was in elementary school.  Those jokes made her upset.

And now she’s letting her eight year old brother watch this?

What.  On.  Earth.

And then I listened to what the video was saying.  I didn’t pick up on much until they watched it the second time because Cooter was laughing so hard and loud.

“Yo Mama is so nice I gotta say it twice…..she’s nice.  Nice.”

“Yo Mama is so wise, Yoda often texts her for advice.”  (That’s the one my little guy’s been going around repeating all day.)

It was hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.  These two guys were trying to outdo each other, complimenting the other one’s Mama.

Y’all.  How awesome would that be?  How great would it be if we could start the trend of outdoing each other in praise and genuine compliments?

I’m in.  That sounds like a much better place to live than the one where we are often pointing fingers of blame or judging another for any number of personal traits or attributes.

Just plain ol’ pure tee simple, You’re so…..

Your voice is so lovely even the birds are jealous.

You’re so talented if you went on “America’s Got Talent,” all the others would walk away because you are just that talented.

You’re so trendy there should be a hashtag in front of your name.

And so on.

Okay, maybe those are a little silly, but you get my point.

We should be scattering kindness like it’s free for the giving.

Oh wait.  It is.

Please take a couple of minutes and watch the video.  I think you will enjoy it.  (“Can I stay witchu?” laughing so hard I’m crying) And afterwards let’s make it our goal to shed some light in this world that can be quite dark at times.  Share a laugh, a word of encouragement, or offer someone a genuine but silly “You’re so…..”

We only have a limited amount of time to share unlimited kindnesses.  Let’s make the most of it.  Every day.

Love to all.

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