An Unwelcome Visitor and the Havoc He Has Wreaked

We’ve had an unwelcome visitor to our home this week.  Unwelcome and unannounced.

He came in and started annoying each one of us in turn.  First Cooter on Monday.  And by Tuesday night, he was on my nerves.  That was when the Fella told me he’d had a bout with this rude guest on Monday as well.  This interloper and I really went round and round last night.  I told him I wasn’t having any of his uppitiness, and he insisted I sit down and pay him some attention and not get anything else done at all.

By this morning, it was Aub who came in complaining about him.  She was absolutely miserable because of the busybody.

Only our Princess has been immune to his forward and intrusive ways.

He doesn’t even say “Bless you” or “Gesundheit” when we sneeze, which seems to me to be extremely rude, especially considering it’s his fault we are sneezing.

Yes.  A Cold has come calling and will not take his leave.

During my bout with him I have learned a few things.

*I do not like colds.

*My children do not like them either.

*The way I can tell my son is on the mend is that he starts feeling up to aggravating his sisters.

*I run fevers so rarely that when I see the numbers go up, I’m in shock for a minute, and then I immediately look around for a grownup who loves me to come put their hand on my forehead just to make sure the thermometer is correct.

*My dog has a penchant for used tissues.  Disgusting but true.  But only the used ones.  I left a whole box of clean ones on the couch today and she never so much as looked at it.  Totally unrelated *ahem* I need a big wooden trash can with a heavy lid on it.

*Handwashing is underrated.  Or maybe overrated.  We’re all washing hands and doing the do, and it still has gotten a hold of four out of the five of us.

*My nose hurts.  I don’t care how soft a tissue is advertised to be, there’s just no help for the noses when it comes to a cold.

*Toilet paper can substitute for tissues in a pinch.  Or when you run out.  I mean seriously, four people with colds versus three boxes of tissues.   You can do the math.

*Apparently I am the only one who can fill the water filter pitcher.  This was true until I had a meltdown over it being empty, and then our Princess decided she could figure it out.  I’m sorry for the fit, not sorry for the results.

*My Cousin is witty and funny.  She’s even funnier when I’m sick.  And she knows just the right number of “poor baby’s” to offer.

*Cabbage can be a comfort food.  The person offering it an even bigger comfort.

*The same person whom I cut up an apple or fixed a meal for the day before will stare blankly at me when I ask for a glass of water from my spot on the couch where the Cold has pinned me down and won’t let me get up.

*Mamas cannot be sick.  It’s against the law or something.

*I’m sorry I didn’t pay closer attention to my own Mama when she wasn’t feeling well.

Tonight I am thankful for the numbers on the thermometer being on the downward trend.  I am thankful for my family despite what I might have said in my *ahem* fever-induced delirium.  I am glad that a Cold is all that has slipped in on us this week, as we have things to do and people to see and joys to celebrate.  We need some good health up in here.

Most of all, I am thankful for those who listened to me whine and didn’t knock that pity pot right out from under me.  To have friends and family who love me in sickness and in health–that’s a huge gift I do not take lightly.

Wishing you all good health and no unannounced visitors.  Y’all stay well.

Love to all.

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