Time to Unplug and Reset

I’m feeling a bit sanctimonious, y’all.

That is the code word that Mama and my Great Aunt used to say when they had done something that they really didn’t want to do.  Or they had problem-solved like a boss.

And I have done that second one.

We bought our washer two years ago this past February.  It was during Mama’s HospitalStay.  We had only had the previous one around 18 months, so it was still under warranty when it decided it wasn’t going to cooperate anymore.  Because I was at the hospital so much, my Fella handled the selection and the purchase.  I’m not too picky when it comes to things like this–as long as it works and is dependable, I’m good.  (Well, okay, I am quite fond of the no-agitator in the middle component.)

Fast forward to the last few weeks.  Our “new” (yeah, it still qualifies) washer plays a happy little tune when it is done.  It’s at least fifteen seconds of musical notes.  But a few weeks ago, it started beeping at us.  Mid-way through the cycle.

This was not a happy tune.

The flashing symbols meant nothing to me, so I hit the Pause/Start button again, and off it would go. It only happened every few loads, and then it would go on and finish after I hit the button.

Then yesterday happened.  It took me. ALL.  DAY.  LONG. to get one load done.  I kept hitting the button and it would go for a bit and then play the “not happy” tune, and it was like we were starting all over again.

I refuse to acknowledge that the life expectancy on a washer could be two years or less.

Last night I sat thinking and fuming and wondering what on earth could be going on.  I miss my Daddy even more at moments like this.  As a young man he worked for his Uncle in his appliance shop.  Washer problems?  No sweat.  I called my Daddy.  But as I sat there meditating about my situation, I realized Daddy might not have been able to fix this one.  It surely has some kind of computer board or something similar running it.

Wait, did I just say think “computer?”

My Daddy was a whiz on those too.  And I can remember him telling me when in doubt, restart it.  Even unplug it and start over again.

A couple of weeks ago someone whom I respect who is very wise talked about how we need to plug back in to renew our spirits–how we are not creatures that keep a permanent charge.  I like that image.  Taking time to plug back in with reading, meditating, praying, thinking, or just being from time to time.  It does tend to recharge my spirit when I make time for those things.

But I also think there comes a time when we need to unplug from all that is going on around us.  All that has us unable to continue on our way, get done what needs doing.  All the hectic hustle and bustle that has us spinning our wheels and just about beeping with frustration.

Sometimes we need to unplug and reset.

I climbed up on top of my washer and reached behind it to unplug it.  I counted to fifteen.  I don’t know why, but I do remember that for computers Daddy told me not to restart it right away.  Give it time to cycle down.  And since this has a computer board…..at 15, I plugged it back in.  I loaded it up and pressed start.

I sat down and prepared to wait.  While I was writing last night, I heard nothing.  No unhappy tunes.  And finally, I heard the sweet tune that brought a big ol’ smile to my face.

Laundry washed.  Unplugged, reset, and fixed.  Done!

Yep, I’m still floating on my sanctimonious cloud after a day of doing lots of laundry.

Tonight I’m thankful for the wisdom of those whom I’ve traveled alongside on this journey.  For the ones who remind me to plug in to the Good things and recharge, and for the ones who remind me sometimes it takes unplugging to reset and be ready to take on the world again.

May we all find something to feel sanctimonious about today.

Love to all.

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