The Ones Who Will Take the Wheel

A couple of moments that make me feel better about our future and the hands that will be at the wheel…..

We are fortunate in that we are able to record shows we like or watch them with minimal commercials.  However, recently we had something on that we wound up watching with commercials.  We usually mute them, but for some reason one snuck through.  It was one for a medication.

No, not that one.

Thank goodness.

It went on and on, making it seem like life would be so fabulous and beautiful if I took the medication.  Then there came the warnings.  Could cause, might make you feel…..

“What?!?” Cooter exploded.  “Why on earth would someone take a medicine that could KILL YOU?”  He stopped for a moment.  “Wait!  Why did they even make a medicine that could KILL YOU?!”

Exactly.  He walked away, his head-shaking echoing the thoughts in my own head.

This evening our Princess and I were on the road, headed back home.  She was in the backseat reading her book.  We turned onto the main road and wound up following behind this truck.

The truck that was regularly puffing out black smoke on the road in front of us.
The dump-style truck that was regularly puffing out black smoke on the road in front of us.

As it picked up speed a puff of black smoke rose up from the pipe above the passenger side door.  I continued following the driver as a song I knew came on the radio.

“Is that completely necessary?” our Princess piped up from the back seat.

For a moment I wondered just how loud I’d been belting out that song.  Then I wondered what the characters in her book had done.  My confusion led to enough of a pause that she questioned me again.

“That black smoke up there–is it necessary?  Why do some trucks do that?”

I could have made something up, and I think I might have–I said it had to do with the kind of truck and the exhaust and the whatnot.  My girl crossed her arms and looked thoroughly disgusted.

“Seriously?  It’s just making more work for the poor trees.”

Oh, bless her.

“It’s like they don’t even care.”

“So, this is a problem?” I asked her.  She nodded.  “Okay, so what do you think we should do?”

She didn’t pause for a second.  “Make and drive solar-powered cars.  Only they need to be able to save up power too so we can drive at night.”

She blinked, and then went back to reading her book.

And that right there.

The young ones are paying attention.  They are wondering why things are being done the way they are done.  They are setting out to be good stewards–of their bodies, of this planet, of everything.

Let’s don’t mess this up, y’all.  We need them and their good ideas and strong convictions.

We need their passion.  And their hearts.

Love to all.

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