“Be Faithful to the Truth”

Tonight, thanks to my Fella and the littles and to the universe lining up such that no one was sick or upset or in desperate need, I was able to go to a meeting about life.  And how all life is valuable.  And precious.

Aub and I met some fascinating people, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us.  Right now I’m still soaking it all in, so forgive me if I’m not forthcoming about it all.  Perhaps another night.

Tonight I just want to share three thoughts with you.  A man who works in a residential community shared these two quotes from Dorothy Day, a journalist, social activist, and Catholic convert.

At one point in the evening, a gentleman who spent half of his 29 years in prison on death row shared how he begins his day each morning.  He wakes up and gives thanks for a forgiving God.  And then he strives to live and treat others so that each morning he can dare to ask God to treat him the way he treated others the day before.

Oh, y’all.

I can’t even.

My heart is full.  And my mind is spent.

So I’ll just leave y’all with that for tonight.

Love to all.

2 thoughts on ““Be Faithful to the Truth””

  1. Wow; that is some powerful stuff. I can’t wait to hear more, but this is enough to keep my mind and heart busy for awhile.

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