the ice

the rain poured down
swelling and flowing beyond the paths already etched in the ground
by the storms and rain of days recently passed

hurriedly as though in fear of being caught
by what was coming

the ice

it pelted down in the darkest moments of the storm
the pounding sounds said this was not one to be taken lightly
it insisted on getting the attention of all around
as first just a few pebbles hit the windows and bounced to the ground

and then it was as though Heaven itself
was throwing out the last of the ice after a family gathering

a few minutes of the downpour
and it was over
the steam rose from the puddles now filled with the coldest of water
bare feet dared to venture out and immediately retreated
as the ice reminded them of the cold of winter days not long enough gone

the ice came and left its mark
tearing down leaves and dinging fruit and cars and turning the world white again
for a moment
and then left stealthily, one drop at a time
until the only proof that it had come was the evidence of what it did
while it was here



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