My Glass Was Never Empty

Saturday I had the privilege of singing the praises of two of my favorite “things” in life–

my daughter and my alma mater.

Thanks to one of my Piratefriends, I served on the Discussion Panel at Wesleyan College for parents of potential students.  This day was extra special because it was for Scholarship Day.

I love sharing about the changes and growth I have seen in my daughter since she arrived on campus in Fall of 2013.  I love talking about my years there and what our campus does better than all the others.  I just love being home.

It was a beautiful day at Wesleyan.  After the panel discussion, we all walked over to the Oval Hall for a lovely buffet lunch.  The room is already so elegant, and the place settings and beautiful desserts and delicious looking dishes made it all the more so.  We each had a glass of water and a glass of sweet tea at our place.

There were servers busy making sure no one’s water or tea glass was empty.  They kept the chafing dishes full of vegetables and chicken and salad.  They were quiet and efficient.

As we dined, the Wesleyannes came in and sang the Doxology followed by another beautiful song.  The young women all dressed in their matching gowns had voices that blended beautifully and made magic in the room.  I noticed the young woman who had kept my water-glass full standing off to the side listening.  As soon as the music was over she went right back to filling those glasses.  Her respect touched me.

A few minutes later one of the Wesleyannes stepped up the microphone to share the story of her choosing Wesleyan a couple of years ago.  The young woman server, so neat and crisp in her black and white ensemble, was standing close by.  Again she stopped and looked to the speaker.  What struck me most was the expression on her face.  She couldn’t be any older than the young woman speaking.  The emotions that this realization stirred up made me look away.

I am so lucky.

So is my daughter.

And so are every one of the young women who are enrolled at Wesleyan.

I looked at my glass.  The server was conscientious and had a good work ethic.  It was never more than half empty.

Why was it that she was working the luncheon where so many women around her age were busy making decisions and dreaming about a future in college?

I don’t know her story, really.  Maybe she’s a day student somewhere.  Maybe she is saving up to go to college one day.

But as I saw the intense respect and focus on her face, I knew that we are fortunate beyond measure.  I gave thanks once again for the sacrifices my parents made to make sure I could go to college right out of high school.  And I don’t want my children to take for granted even one day the privilege that getting an education is.  Not everyone is so lucky.

I’m thinking about the young woman who made sure my glass was always full–I hope her glass stays full as well.  I hope her life is full of love and laughter, and that she dreams big and has the resources to make those dreams come true.

Let us make today one of seeing those around us and knowing they have a story too.  And one of giving thanks for this life we are so lucky to have.

Love to all.


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