turning around

her little feet moved smoothly along the sidewalk

gliding, one foot in front of the other

as she enjoyed the cool air

and sniffed the smells along the way


I walked along behind her

my pace not as smooth,

as the worries and to do’s

and thoughts about what was next

raced through my mind


the only thing linking her carefree heart

and mine,

the leash I held in my hand


as she finished the task at hand

I turned around for us to head back home,

where the things that were before me

were piled up such that I found it hard to see


I looked up and my eyes

focused on the painting before me,

and it took my breath away

and I was still

and I knew that it was You


You had given me this gift

and in that moment,

and for a few after,

my mind was quiet

and all that had weighted down my steps

was gone


I’m sorry for all the gifts

from You I’ve left unopened

The times I didn’t turn around

but instead continued on

in the muddle of mad thoughts,

thinking I could outwalk the

worries and woes and wickedness

of this life


I am sorry I didn’t turn around

and be still

and see that You were there









Sometimes we have to stop and turn around to be able to see who has our backs…..

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