Turning the Page

Tonight as I toss my hand up in some semblance of a goodbye to 2014, I find myself looking ahead.

Sometimes looking back is just too much to handle.

This hasn’t been a bad year, it’s just there were firsts that were hard on the heart–and a lot to learn as I navigated the emotional and tangible aspects of living without someone I love.

So I look ahead.

I’m not looking ahead to 2015 as this set of days that will change my life, my world, my outlook.

Only I can do that.

But I am looking forward to each day as it comes.  Tomorrow, then the next, and then the next.

And in doing so, tonight I decided on my “word” to focus on each morning, noon, and night of the days in the coming year.

In the past couple of years, I’ve chosen “interruptible” and “with.”  So this year, I’m switching it up a little bit.



See, I don’t want to walk into closed doors or situations and let them control me and where I can go in this life.

At the close of this year, should I still be up and walking and talking (and typing), I want to be able to say as I look back at 2015 in retrospect–

When I faced adversity (and this will happen), I kept on walking, and…..adversity didn’t dictate my next steps.

When someone’s actions were hurtful and broke my heart, instead of shutting down, I took that pain and…..I grew stronger and learned whom I could trust and love.

I didn’t let pain, loss, hurt, darkness, or brokenness have the final say.  When facing the cracks and pain in others, I showed them I cared, but I didn’t let their pain make me bitter, and…..I never walked away from a chance to love.

When I was short on time and long on to do’s, I took a deep breath and…..I got it done, one thing at a time without letting the feeling of being overwhelmed open the door to anxiety and frustration.

When I questioned the wisdom of the Universe and asked “why?,” I thought, “Okay, this may be what life has handed me, what is on my path right now, but it will not stop me.”  It happened and…..and then I faced it and did what I could do.

When I had an opportunity in front of me–

to be kind, to try something new, to reach for a goal, to give something with meaning, to share light with another,

I stopped and saw what was needed and…..I moved forward in love.

Tonight my heart is at peace as I put away one calendar and pull out another.  I know all the answers for good things and happiness do not lie in the turning of the page, but instead in the choices I make.

In the coming days, it is my fervent hope that I will not let my circumstances and situations become the final word.  I want to always follow with “and,” and then direct my own course.

Wishing you all a lovely and safe New Year’s day filled with big dreams and an even bigger, more wonderful reality right in front of you.  Make it yours and then…..

Love to all.



4 thoughts on “Turning the Page”

  1. YES! With the exception of the wonderful people this year granted me, I’ve never been so happy to close the door on one year and open a new one.

    My word is FAITHFUL … not necessarily in the religious sense, but in the sense of trusting that I’m following my path, and that the right things WILL be there for me.

    Hugs and Loves and thank you for being one of those people who made 2014 so much better for me.

    1. I love your word Michelle. You are a faithful one, loyal to those you love and those you’ve never met. You inspire me with your kind and giving spirit. Love right back and many thanks for all of the encouragement and wisdom you have shared with me.

  2. I must say that in the brief time I have know you, you have demonstrated all of these things to me. You gave me “Grace” when my world was falling apart. It was your gift of grace that allowed me to pay the Grace forward and extend it to the friend whom I was estranged from earlier this year. Your love and friendship is perhaps the best gift I received in 2014. Truly, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in 2015.

    1. My sweet friend, you honor me with your kind words and encouragement and the way you always support me. If I have shared Grace with you it is only me paying it forward, as it has been offered to me many, many times. Thank you for all of your love. Hugs and much love and wishes for some amazing moments in 2015.

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