rebuilding and Light

there’s a house with all the Christmas lights

he’s put them up every year except for last

after the trees fell on his house

and he had to rebuild


the lights are back this year,

all those lights




it’s a winter fairyland

lots of snowmen and Santas

and candy canes and all sorts of joyful scenes

and if you turn off the main road and drive around back

there is a sweet scene of mama and Baby and daddy

and the small group gathered round

along with the cows and sheep


and tucked away off to the side

my girl pointed out the sweet angel




and it took my breath away


we see the Baby and the joy comes

only not for all

and I wonder if my heart is heavy

because of those I miss

or is it because all this joy is shadowed by the cross

and all that we know will come


and yet each year, after the cross falls

across our hearts

and we are broken,

we rebuild

so the joy and Light can come




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