Come Sit By Me

After a weekend of thinking about light and darkness and all that weighs heavy on my heart in the midst of the joy and laughter of the season, this is what I continue to hear in my head as though it’s on continuous play:


If you have light,

it will not be diminished by inviting those who stand in darkness

to come alongside you.  

It will only diminish the darkness for others.  

You will still have as much light

as if you were standing alone. 

Or maybe even more,

as the flickering lights reflect in the eyes of all who gather.

Keeping the darkness at bay for as many others as you can–

that is what this journey is all about.  

And we cannot travel it alone.  

I think it really can be that simple.

If you have it, share it.

And if you don’t, look around–I hope and pray that someone will turn to you and wave you over. With a warm smile and a hug.  There’s little better than standing next to someone strong when one feels weak or lost, tucked in under the shoulder and wings of someone who cares.

If you have light, share it.

If you don’t, come sit by me.  For as long as I have it, we can share.


Love and light to all.




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