ode to a q-tip

This morning as I was getting ready it appeared that I had run out of q-tips, and this distressed me greatly.  For two reasons.  One–I really thought we had more.  (Does that ever happen to you?  You KNOW you have more of something, it’s just out of sight.  Or gone…..Just me? Oh, okay.) And two–there is NO substitute for a q-tip when you need one, is there?  I mean, that’s just something that cannot be replaced.  And so, when I did find my stash, I held one in my hand and gave thanks that such a thing exists.  

ode to a q-tip

aren’t you an interesting


basically a paper stick

with two poofs of cotton,

one at either end

and yet,

try as I might,

I cannot replicate or

come close to creating

anything that can do

what you can do.

you are very task oriented

and yet you have ventured out

beyond the ear department

not because you had to

but just for the fun of it

I suspect.

that fine point of cotton is

the best

at cleaning up

sloppy manicures.

we have even painted with

a few of your friends–

those were fun and unusual

works of art,

a lot like you.

but I think my

favorite thing about you

is that each time I use one of you

a little bit of a rebel comes out in me

as I hear my Mama’s voice

“don’t EVER put ANYTHING in your ears…..”

and yet, there’s a whole section

in the store

devoted to

things you put in your ears,

devoted to YOU…..

you remind me that grownups

say the silliest of things

to get their points across–

and that




2 thoughts on “ode to a q-tip”

  1. Oh, Tara! I thought only my sister and I were this devoted to Q-tips!! Good to know there’s at least one other devotee. And I l-o-v-e your ode!

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