Dear Mr. Webster,

Your word arrived here safely yesterday.  She was a little rumpled after her long trip, but she is doing well nonetheless.  She has actually been lovely…..amenable–

quite frankly we love her.

Already she is changing things around here.  She bustles around in her long skirt that hangs just so; she is straightening up, seeing to it that all are getting along.

That they are with.

She is bringing things, people together in such a way that has never been seen around here before.

Have I mentioned we love her?

Bread.  Jam.

Tea.  Coffee.

Macaroni.  Cheese.

Sweet.  Salty.

This.  That.

All these things that just sat, on their own, not interacting or doing much of anything, are now up, wandering about, mixing, mingling–making the world a much better place with their interactions.

All because of her.

Thank you for sending her to us.

She came just in time.

Because, you see, just as those things were sitting on the shelf, all to themselves–not being with, we have begun to do that ourselves.  Sitting with those who are alike, where there is no need for sharing or caring or what not–because we are, well, just alike.

But now that she is here, she is challenging us to join together–what a scary, challenging, beautiful word–together.

She wants to put together–









Business people.






She knows–she understands–that she cannot stand alone, she must coexist with another.  With more than one actually.  She wants to show us that being together is the best way for each one of us to shine.  She wants to take all those adjectives, then put them together.  Just by taking the hand of each one–then standing between them.

Joining them.


If we are not careful, her spirit might just catch on–one day we might just find her joining the two who said they’d never stand together.




Bless her.  She’s got a long way to go, but one day, maybe, just maybe, she might succeed in helping us all take the hand of the one standing close by, and then caring and sharing and helping each other.

Thank you for sending her.

Just in time.

With gratitude for And,




Love to all.  



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