Ode to Blue Pool Cue Chalk



So much is wrong in this world,

so much not okay.

That’s what was going through my mind yesterday–

bullying, people fear mongering to get what they wanted,

spending money foolishly,

manipulating other people,

ignoring the needs of other folks,

leaving people out because they are different,

so many things like this and more,

as I scrolled down the screen thinking


I opened another window

I needed out of this room with too much

heartbreak, anger, frustration


I wanted to shake some sense into some people,

so I left


When I opened your door, and I found you

sitting there, waiting to be chosen

you took my breath away

and you brought back memories

of my friend and the first

two-story house I’d ever been in

Stairs were a big deal back then

we played up and down

up and down

and back up again

and there it was

The Pool Table


It made us feel quite grownup,

well me anyway,

to hang out, taking turns hitting the


knocking them mostly

sometimes using our hands and the cue ball

instead of the sticks

We’d say “Rack ’em up” and laugh

as though we knew what we were doing


But when I discovered you and

how it felt

to hold you and use you for what you

were created to do–

make that stick work better

(I guess, I’m no expert here)

it felt right

It felt OKAY


Yesterday when I opened that window

and saw you standing there, waiting,

my heart slowed and steadied

and I almost said, yes, I’ll take you home

But alas, there are no sticks or tables

or numbered orbs here to keep you company

and somehow just putting you on a shelf

for show

doesn’t seem right or


you were created for a task

and when you, in all your blue loveliness,

give yourself, your whole existence

for just what you were created for–

it is a beautiful thing


Thank you for reminding me that

despite all the wrong in the world

there are still blue pool cue chalk cubes

in this world

ready and willing to be used,

a beautiful azure, already etched out

to make life a little easier



there are some things still right with the world

and you are one of them




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