All Need Telling

Back many years ago when I worked with Hospice, I had the privilege of visiting with an older gentleman who loved to tell stories.  He told me about selling Elvis his first car, about saving a ship from blowing up during WWII, and so many others.  I sat with him in the cold of winter in that very warm room on the most comfortable couch ever and listened while he told me stories.  I loved that part of my job, listening to the stories.  But I soon learned that after lunch was not a good time to go and visit.  He could lull me near about to naptime with his soothing voice and great stories.  Eventually I found myself wondering, ONCE, whether or not they were true.  And then just as quickly, I realized it didn’t matter.

There are stories that really happened and stories that just seem like they should’ve or could’ve happened.  All need telling though, don’t you think?

Here’s two such stories, I’ll let you decide which is which.


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