frog music

the girl child says, “today, this moment, it truly feels like fall”

and time is passing whether I want it to or not

seasons changing, moments moving, people living

and dying

and grieving

and smiling

and the leaves begin to drift from the trees


their colors are slowly fading

one last vibrant moment

before falling

and I gaze into a treeless wood

sunlight kissing bits of earth for the first time

since spring


I am weary of it all

this changing

this carousel of seasons

and yet it must happen

fall will come

and winter

and the flowers will freeze and die


and I will set new ones out


the ground will no longer welcome bare toes and

the sun will no longer cause me to shed my skin

I will hibernate as the bear

tucked away next to a fire or

under a blanket

I have chosen to cherish

made by another’s hands


time to plant the pansies

just as my Granny did

this time each year

time to cook the soups

and the cornbread and sop

up the pot liquor

and wear socks on my feet

just to stay warm


as I turn out the lights and listen to the quiet

I hesitate–

the quiet

too quiet

ahh, summer is leaving

and I shall miss the

frog music

most of all



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