Slow Down

Today is brought to you by the word “Slow” and the word “Down.”

That’s right, slow down.  My children, my family, myself, just everyone.  Slow it all down.


When you get your beverage way before your food when we are eating out, slow down girl.  That tea needs to last you a while.

When you are writing your spelling words, for the love of everyone who needs to read what you are writing (me), slow down.  I need for what you write to be legible.

When you are doing your math problems, slow down.  Take your time.  I’m not timing this.  The only way to get it right is to make sure you are doing each step correctly.

When you are telling me a story, slow down.  I know you are excited and I can’t wait to hear it and be excited with you, but breathe.  Speak where I can understand you.  I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here listening.

When you are on your bicycle and ride out of my sight when we are on our walks, slow down.  (Or just stop.)  My nerves cannot handle you being that far ahead of me.  This helicopter Mama needs to see that you are okay when you are riding up ahead.

As for all of this growing up thing, y’all slow down.  Just please.  Yes.

The makeup that gets pulled out twice a year for dance recitals that you are so wanting to wear more often, slow down.  The day will come when you will dread getting up to put on makeup and begrudge the time it takes to put it on.  Slow down.  Be young for just a little longer.

The wanting to grow up fast to be a race car driver or a spy or a Jedi knight, slow down.  Let’s get our reading, writing, and ‘arithmetic in order first.  The rest will come.  Far too soon.

And all of this dreaming and talking about what kind of houses y’all will live in when you are grown and how many children you will have and how you will have a place for your nieces and nephews to come visit…..for the sake of your Mama who weeps at the idea of an empty nest, slow.  Down.

The talking about graduate school and dreaming about your life ahead and thinking about weddings one day and naming future children, slow down.  It’s a wonder I can walk around unassisted and still have my own teeth, as old as y’all make me feel sometimes.  I love y’all but can we just be where we are…..for just a little longer?

For the guy in the truck and the woman in the car and all of the others who passed me and Miss Sophie and my two small children out on a walk this afternoon, slow down.  I’m not even playing about this.  Put my children or my dog at risk with your fast driving in this “residential area” and I will have your license plate number copied down and turned in so fast, it will make your head spin.  Not even joking.  There are signs.  Obey them.

For folks so ready to pass judgment on a person or a situation and share said opinions with one and all and anyone who will listen, slow down.  You don’t know the situation completely.  None of us really do who aren’t directly involved.  Cooter and our Princess were watching a show one day that asked a question, “Who can decide if someone is guilty or not?”  to which our Princess said, “The folks who were there when it happened.”  Amen.  Though I’m sure they were looking for “the jury” as the answer, my girl is absolutely right.  If you weren’t there, you don’t know the whole story.  Slow down–or hey, maybe even stop–with the judging.


When life hands you a whole set of activities and things to do, take a moment and slow down.  Busy isn’t always best.  Sometimes slowing down and just being is what your soul needs the most.

And to you Time and Life, please, please slow down.  Slow down these days that pass oh too quickly, carrying me away from the days when people I love were still here, still reminding me of who I am, and what we stand for, reminding me I am loved, and filling my heart with peace and joy.  Just slow down.  As time passes I worry that their memories will fade, and my heart cannot handle the thought of that ever happening.  Just slow down.

Wishing you all a slow-moving weekend, so we can catch up on things that are most important in this life–like good handwriting, math, and loving each other.

Love to all.




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